Saturday, January 31, 2009

High School Musical

Kailee is on the cheer squad at her school. She gets to perform at all of the assemblies and has a lot of fun. Since all of the performances are during the school day; I never get to see them. I only get the pictures. Well, the cheer squad and student council just put on a big production of High School Musical. It ended up being so cute that they did an encore for the parents to watch that night. Another big perk was that they needed a lot of characters to perform, so Laney got to be in it too! They did an excellent job. It was so cute to watch. Their school is so much fun; always putting on such cute shows. I find myself secretly wanting to steal their ideas so I can use them at the school where I teach. I would be a hit!! LOL

Jayden's Party at Amazing Jakes

Well, Jayden had another birthday party. This one was with his friends at Amazing Jakes. They all had a great time running around. They enjoyed eating pizza, cake, and everything else. They also played laser tag, rode the rides and hit up the video games galore. It was a fun day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Student Recognition Award

Jayden won the Student Recognition Award at school! He got free tickets to the Suns game for the whole family and got to go down onto the court at half time! It was such a great experience! He was given a shirt and hat to put on and then escorted down to the court. He was able to see where the suns practice and got to go through the tunnel onto the court. He saw all the players coming off of the court for half time, while he was waiting in the tunnel. He then got to sit on the players bench during the half time show until it was their turn to go on the court. It was soooo cooool! While the kids were on the court holding the banner and getting the award, the suns and pacers came back out to the court to warm up. He was right in the middle of both teams. I could not believe how awesome the whole experience was. Jayden has worked so hard in school that he deserved this award. I am so proud of the progress he has made. He is an amazing kid and I am so glad he got this once in a life time opportunity. Way to go Jay Boy!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay Boy!!

Here we go again! Another one of my kids has decided, against my wishes, to grow another year older. Jayden turned 9 on Monday. Can you believe it? 9!! I am going to try my hardest to contain my need to cry over how fast my kiddos are growing. It has hit me like a ton of bricks lately. I find myself tearing up over silly things like walking past the play place at the mall. I used to have three kids who could and would spend hours playing. Now, I have zero!! They are all too big. However, the straw that broke the camels back was when Matt and I saw how hesitant Kailee was to sit on Santa's lap with her brother and sister. I remember being in 5th grade and you would not catch me anywhere near Santa. Especially at a busy mall where I could be seen. We both realized that this was probably the last year she would humor us with this. Another milestone I never wanted to see come. I used to pine for the day's that I didn't need to push a bulky stroller, or carry a diaper bag, and even better a small child around. Now, I wish nothing more than for those day's to return. Okay, Okay, enough with my melodrama. More positive thinking for New Year's, right? Well, we did have a great time with Jay on his big day. We went bowling, per his choice, and had way too much fun. The kid's are really good bowlers. After I came in last place in both games, we decided it was time to go home and sing happy birthday. He blew out his candles, and much to his surprise they re lit. He blew and blew and blew, but they would not go out. It took him a few minutes to realize that we put the trick candles on. It was very funny! A perfect way to end the night!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fire Pit

Last night April and Ryan invited us over to roast marshmallows and hang out by their fire pit. It was a lot of fun. Except for when I accidentally poked my mother-in-law in the face with the wire. Not the best move on my part....sorry Kay! After we were stuffed on the mallows we went in to play a fun game of Taboo. Of course we then stuffed ourselves with chips, dip, crackers and cheese. Good times and lot's of laughing was the main component all night. Paul and I rocked out on Guitar Hero for a while and then got into a heated debate over which vampire series was better; Twilight or Eragon. So we decided to make a little friendly aunt and nephew wager. We each are going to read the opposing series and we have only until February 3 to finish. We are then going to report back to each other and discuss the outcome. May the best vampire win (I have no doubt that Edward will easily pull out the victory)!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's

2008 is finally over! I must admit that I am glad to see the craziness of '08 leave and anticipate the craziness sure to come in '09. We had a very low key New Year's as always. We hung out at home and Kailee had a friend stay over. Matt had to be up early so he went to bed at about 9, while I watched a movie in bed and the kiddos went nuts down stairs. When the big moment arrived I celebrated with the kids. Yes, that is Jayden in his scivies. The kid seriously will not keep his clothes on. He is going to be that old man that goes out to get the morining paper in his tighties, with a big smile waving to the passer by's and not have a clue as to why they are laughing at him. Anyhoo, moving on, we put on silly hats, shook our noise makers, and drank some bubbly (otherwise known as sparkling cider). Except Jayden, he had to have our family favorite, IBC Rootbeer. It lasted a whole of about ten minutes before we were all tired and went to bed. What can I say...we know how to party! So now I guess it's time for the infamous new year's resolutions. Of course we all made them. Matt and I decided collectively to be better about getting in touch with people. I will be the first to admit that we are the worst at returning phone calls, spending time, and reaching out, so we hope to change that this year. Which is a big reason we made this blog! We also have the usual getting organized, budgeting better and so on. However, a big resolution I made is to be more positive. The past two years have been so crazy that we have let life control us rather than us controlling life. I have had enough with that nonsense and I am taking that thought process and turning it around. We are getting back to our roots I guess you can say. At one point in time, no matter how busy or crazy, the glass was always half full. That time is coming again!! I'm not saying that we are overly negative by any means, just that I want to be more positive.


The most wonderful time of the year has officially come and gone all too quickly again! Our family lives for the holidays. We started the season off with decorating the house. The kids love to help Matt hang the lights on the house and decorate the tree. Then we enjoy as many festivities as time and budget will allow. To name a and work parties, a bus tour looking at Christmas lights, building gingerbread houses, baking, and decorating cookies with Grandma. We also spent Christmas Eve with Matt's family, eating dinner at Olive Garden and then driving to our favorite spot on Cherry Lane to look at the wonderful light displays. Followed by opening gifts from Grandma at our house. When the big day arrived, Santa once again did not disappoint. My kiddos were spoiled rotten with toys galore. They all got some great gifts, but the Guitar Hero World Tour game was the biggest hit! We have officially turned into wanna be rock stars. Jay boy kills on the guitar, while Laney bug dominates on the drums, and Kay Kay rocks the vocals. Matt and I only get to play after the kids are in bed. I must admit we are getting pretty good. We just may be able to hold our own to play with the kids soon enough!! It was a great day and I am sooo sad it's over.

Joining the Blogging World

Yes it's true...we have officially decided to join the crazy world of blogging! Matt and I decided that it was time to open up and share our family with everybody. I will do my best to post consistently. However, I am not making any promises because keeping up with my crazy family is next to impossible. So, let the blogging begin......