Thursday, July 16, 2009

Science Center

The kids and I took some friends over to the Science Center for some fun. If anyone knows Jayden, you know what a lego fanatic he is. Legoland was celebrating their 10th birthday, so they set up a huge exhibition. Jayden was in lego heaven. A few of the kids also participated in the lego building contest to win a trip to Legoland. We'll see!! We all had so much fun running around and seeing everything. We have been there a few times, but this seemed to be the most fun we have had there. It's also great to see how much the kids actually learn while they are having so much fun playing!!


  1. I'm with Jayden, lego's are the coolest. Imagine all the possibilities, you can build anything with lego's. What a cool place. Best of luck on winning the trip to legoland!!

  2. Looks like fun...
    Hope you win Jay.